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Competition Law Certificate Programme

The CLPRC organizes a certification programme once every fall semester of each academic year since 2010 for students and professionals who would like to specialise in competition law. The certificate programme consists of approximately 17-course modules for the duration of 7 weeks and 44 hours in total. In these course modules, academics and professionals from various institutions and reputable law firms deliver lectures on the fundamentals of competition law and regulation. Competition Law Certificate Programme focuses on Turkish positive competition law. Within this scope, the substantive and procedural provisions of the Act on the Protection of Competition are discussed. 

Competition law is one of the indispensable branches of law for the healthy functioning of the market economy. Today, this branch of law is closely related to many commercial transactions such as distribution agreements, mergers, pricing policies, and cooperation agreements and is widely applied in all areas of the economy, including regulated markets. For this reason, it is extremely important to have knowledge about competition law, especially for lawyers, managers, and senior employees.

This certificate programme aims to convey the Turkish competition law to the participants, taking into account its economic foundations and practical application. In this way, it is aimed that the participants will understand this branch of law and gain the ability to develop solutions in the face of competition law problems encountered in practice.

Sources related to the modules (presentation files, lecture notes, articles, legal texts) will be delivered to the participants at the beginning of the programme, and in this way, the participants will be more actively involved in the lessons. An exam will be held at the end of the programme. Those who are successful as a result of this exam will be entitled to receive a certificate.

The certificate programme is mainly aimed at lawyers, trainee lawyers, and other professionals dealing with competition law and its rules. In this sense, it is not necessary to have a law degree to participate the programme.