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Competition Law in Practice Seminars


The CLPRC hosts the yearly Competition Law in Practice Seminars within the framework of the Business Law LL.M. programme since the 2006-2007 academic year. In these seminars, academics and professionals from various institutions present pre-selected topics on competition law followed by a discussion session with students and other participants. In addition competition experts from the Turkish Competition Authority contributes as lecturers and in this way the seminars provide a forum for academic discussion in the field. Since its inception in 2006, the seminar programme has gained credentials as a high-level discussion venue for scholars, practitioners, and enforcement officers in the competition field at the national level. This seminar course is held every spring semester and is open to scholars and practitioners in the area. In this respect, experts who are interested in delivering a presentation are encouraged to contact the course coordinator or the CLPRC. The proposals will be considered under the pre-announced criteria and upon the availability of the course schedule.