Announcement Regarding the Application Process for Competition Law in Practice Seminars 2024

The call for papers for the Competition Law in Practice Seminars 2024 ended on December 15, 2023. During the call, 58 different abstracts were submitted. Since some of them will be presented by more than one person, the abstracts were submitted by 77 different persons. The number of abstracts without including the same person's name is 51. We sincerely thank all applicants. 

Due to these submissions, we anticipate a more competitive process in the selection phase, resulting in a higher quality programme and book. Considering that the programme has been continuing for 19 years and more than 400 papers have been presented during this period, we think and hope that the 2024 programme will also make significant contributions to the development of the competition law. Although it will be determined after the academic calender for the spring semester is announced and the number of lecture weeks is determined, we estimate that we will be able to include 15 or 16 of the 58 papers we have received in the programme.

In the selection phase, the proposals will be anonymously evaluated by the Academic Selection Commitee consisting of 6 members and will be scored by giving a score between 1 and 10 points. Subsequently, a ranking will be made according to the topics with the highest number of points and the top 15 or 16 abstracts will be included in the programme. Although we have received numerous of applications, we will make every effort to announce the results in accordance with our previously announced schedule.

You can access all the abstracts we have received from the link below.

Click here for the English translation of the abstracts.

N.B.: The translation of the abstracts from Turkish to English is not the responsibility of the applicants. The translation was made using Google Translate solely for the purpose of providing applicants with an idea about the submitted abstracts. Therefore, it is not an official translation.

We kindly ask anyone who has submitted an abstract within the period but is not included in the list to contact us.


The evaluation by the Academic Selection Commitee has ended: 

You may view the highest scoring submissions in order from the link below. The first 18 paper proposals will be included in the programme. 

The evaluations were made anonymously on the abstract and title of the submissions. As a result of member's score between 1 and 10, a ranking was formed. The detailed seminar schedule is planned to be announced on January 12. We sincerely thank all the applicants.

Click here for the ranking table.

Click here for the Academic Selection Commitee evaluation results. 

If you have any further questions, you may always contact us via